Making A Difference

Every day, in communities across Chicago and the nation, individuals and organizations are creating a positive impact on those around them. They are taking the lead in fostering a better society, facilitating genuine community engagement, and putting the needs of others before their own.

Quite simply, they are “Making a Difference” as their actions and stories impact all of us.

Future Vision Entertainment & are proud to recognize these individuals and organizations with our “Making a Difference” show, which airs 12 noon (cst)

Each week, LaMont Watts & Kimberly Johnson will profile an organization or individual making a recognizable, positive difference in their community.

Our goal is to share the stories of individuals and organizations making a positive difference regardless of its size or reach. The positive impact could be as far-reaching as working to create change through partnerships with local governments, or as simple as helping improve the quality of life for families and individuals in the local community.

Most importantly, we want to tell the stories that you, our listeners, and our local communities feel have an impact. We want to share the stories of your family, friends, and neighbors who are making a difference to those around them. If you know somebody you feel is “Making a Difference”, please submit a nomination by sending an email to We’d love to hear their story and perhaps feature them on one of our weekly segments.

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